Being Black and Muslim: An Affirmation of Black Self Determination and a Challenge toIMG_2288 White Supremacy, 1960-1975

After her Africa@OHIO Colloquium presentation, the Editor, Ifeoluwa Adedeji, had a conversation with Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries, an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Ohio University, where she shares more about her study of the Nation of Islam and the struggle for Black Liberation.

The African Refugee Crisis and Human Trafficking in Europe322_original

Martin Plaut, BBC World Service’s Former Africa Editor and Senior Research Fellow at
the Insitute of Commonwealth Studies in London, shares insights on the refugee crisis in Africa, after delivering the Africa@OHIO Colloquium Fall Lecture.

Inside the State: Governing under Autocracy

In this chat, we talk to Dr. Mai Hassan, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the image.1513972710157University of Michigan, about her research into sub-national electoral strategies of authoritarian leaders after the introduction of multiparty elections.


The Migration of African Basketball Stars: Challenges and OpportunitiesGerardID

In this chat, Dr. Gerard Akindes, a scholar and former professional athlete and coach, gives insights into trends in Basketball administration and play in Africa.

A Chat with Dr. Crystal L. PatilPatil_Crystal_oct204_WEB

Crystal L. Patil, PhD, is a medical anthropologist with a specialty in mixed methods and global health. She has conducted mix-methods bicultural research in Africa and the urban United States.

Normative Collisions, Amphibious Evasions: Sassoi and the Contested Politics of kwames_vain2Queer Self-making

Dr. Kwame Edwin Otu, assistant professor of African-American and African studies at University of Virginia, talks about his work and research.

Gender and Social Activism in Ghana63025452

Recent Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts (2013-2017) and queen mother in charge of protocol in the Aflao traditional area of Ghana, Honorable Abla Dzifa Gomashie talks to Africa@OHIO Blog about herself.

Transnational Online Media Articulations of Ghanaian Women: Mapping Shifting1548056_10151815527364071_1249081729_o Subjectivities

Benedine Azanu, who just successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in Media Arts and Studies at Ohio University, talks to us after her Africa@OHIO Colloquium presentation.

Life with Konkababy: An Africanist after Ohio img_1190

Listen to Dr. Spree MacDonald read one of his poems and talk about his work and influences.

The International Studies Professional in Today’s World

In this series of chats, former OHIO students talk about their work and educational experience and share key insights.

Dr. Matt Kirwin, Division Chief, Division of Africa and the Americas, Office of Opinion Research, Bureau of Intelligence and Research at the US Department of State.

abukar-saneiAbukar Sanei, Executive Director, Center for Policy Analysis and Research.


Jocelyn Probasco, Volunteer Specialist, Ohio Association of Foodbanks.


Workshop: Presenting at an Academic Conference

Ohio University Gillian Ice.  Photo by Ohio University / Jonathan Adams

Director of Global Health Programs at the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. Gillian Ice offers some insights on academic conference presentations for (graduate) students.

Postcolonial Crime Fiction: A Discussion and Reading from The Monster’s Daughter


Michelle Pretorius, a South African doctoral student in creative writing at Ohio University, talks to Africa@OHIO about her debut book The Monster’s Daughter and her work.

MLK’s Vision for the African Diaspora at Home and Abroad


Chair and Associate Professor of the department of African American Studies, Robin D. Muhammad gave a lecture on Wednesday, January 18 2017 where she discussed MLK’s work and significance in connecting African Americans and the diaspora to the ‘homeland’. The Africa@OHIO Team had a chat with her to capture the details.

“University of Benin F**k Porn: Lesbian Sex, Internet Voyeurism, and Corrective Rate at a Nigerian University” 


On Friday 21st of October 2016,  Professor Nwando Achebe of Michigan State University’s department of History presented at the ‘Africa Crossroads’.“University of Benin F**k Porn: Lesbian Sex, Internet Voyeurism, and Corrective Rape at a Nigerian University” examines a particular event at a federal university in 2011 where some young ladies were forced to make love to themselves, in front of watching male spectators, and digitally record the act for an internet audience. The video clip which was posted on the internet drew the attention of many Nigerians who expressed mixed reactions about the incident – a majority, however, decried the young ladies as lesbians, messengers of the devil who deserve great punishment. For an Africanist Historian who specializes in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and the relationship between women and power, this event and the public responses it generated reflect the dominant attitude in Nigeria to sexual minorities, and therefore demand scholarly attention as well as advocacy.


Modern Muslims: A Sudan Memoir

Dr. Steve Howard, director of the Ohio University Center for International Studies and professor in the School of Media Arts and Studies, just released a new book Modern Muslims, A Sudan Memoir published by the Ohio University Press.

Listen here